In 1846 American pharmacist named Theron T. Pond invented the ‘Golden Treasure’ - a healing tea extracted from witch hazel, which he discovered could strengthen skin below the surface, helping it repair itself from small cuts and numerous other ailments. Soon after, the product became widely popular as the Pond's Extract.


This set the stage for what was to become the world’s first skincare brand, and a unique history of skincare breakthroughs all dedicated to helping women keep their skin stronger on the inside, so it can be softer and more beautiful on the outside.

As the 20th Century advanced and World War 2 broke out, women had to step in and take over men’s jobs as they went to war. Pond’s stood by them with their unique duo of Pond’s Cold Cream (the world’s first moisturizer not to require refrigeration) and Pond’s Vanishing Cream helping them retain their grace, softness and femininity in these stressful new roles.