Changbaishan Ginseng Powder Wild Ginseng Powder 80gm

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Ginseng tonic
Ginseng powder greatly invigorates the vital energy, invigorating the true energy of the heart, spleen, lung and kidney. For symptoms of shortness of breath, shortness of breath, coughing, excessive phlegm, low voice, fatigue, wheezing when moving, lack of appetite, etc.; surgery, serious illness, massive blood loss or chronic illness, weakness, ginseng powder Has a very good conditioning effect.

Regulate blood sugar, prevent diabetes and its complications
The main component of ginseng is ginsenoside, and ginsenoside Re in ginseng powder is the main component for lowering blood sugar. Ginsenoside Re has an "insulin-like" effect and can lower blood sugar. Another main component of ginseng powder, ginsenoside Rb1, has a similar effect as an insulin sensitizer, which can enhance the activity of insulin, make insulin play a role and lower blood sugar. Ginseng powder can not only alleviate or treat the symptoms of diabetes, but also treat the complications of diabetes. In particular, ginseng can repair damaged islet cells and prevent the apoptosis of islet cells without side effects. Auxiliary curative effect for the complete eradication of diabetes and its complications.

Ginseng powder enhances immunity and prevents colds
Ginsenosides contained in ginseng powder can promote the human body to enhance the activity of leukocytes and macrophages, increase the secretion of lymphatic active factors and the synthesis of interferon, interleukin-2, etc. by immune organs such as lymph, and improve their biological activity. The protein synthesis promoting factor in ginseng can promote the biosynthesis of ribonucleic acid, protein and lipid, and improve the body's immunity. Long-term scientific consumption of ginseng powder can enhance the body's resistance and prevent colds.

Ginseng powder lowers blood lipids, prevents arteriosclerosis, prevents and treats coronary heart disease, strengthens the heart, and corrects heart rhythm Market
Ginsenoside Rb2 contained in ginseng powder can promote lipid metabolism, accelerate the synthesis, decomposition, transformation and excretion of cholesterol and lipoprotein in blood, thereby reducing blood cholesterol and triglyceride and increasing serum high-density lipoprotein Cholesterol, to achieve the purpose of reducing arteriosclerosis, preventing and treating coronary heart disease. At the same time, total ginseng saponins can promote cardiomyocytes to release prostaglandins, inhibit the generation of thromboxane A2, and protect cardiomyocytes by anti-oxidative free radicals and anti-lipid peroxidation. Ginsenosides have a corrective effect on tachycardia, can make the heart rhythm return to normal levels, increase myocardial contractility, slow down the heart rate, increase cardiac output, and coronary blood flow.

Precautions for eating ginseng powder
(1) Excessive heat syndrome (fever, etc.) should not eat ginseng powder

(2) Ginseng powder should be used with caution in hypertensive patients with severe yin deficiency (thirst, dry throat, night sweats due to deficiency heat, easy to get angry) and hypertensive patients with hyperactivity of liver yang.

(3) People with flatulence, pain, and heat stagnation cannot use ginseng powder

(4) It is not available for patients with massive blood loss, it can be used after hemostasis

(5) Allergy to ginseng, skin rash after eating ginseng, do not use when there is purulent inflammation

(6) Ginseng cannot be taken once and for all, it needs a small amount of long-term use to achieve long-term effect. "National New Resource Food Management Measures" recommends a daily dosage of 3g for long-term consumption of ginseng.