Noor Gold Beauty Cream 30gm

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Pakistan’s First & Only cream which finishes darkness, wrinkles, circles, stains, pimples, spot and makes the face fair. Its elements fresh the skin and give constant fresness to the face.  NOOR BEAUTY CREAM give the face such a bleaching which remains forever. The face becomes beautyful with in five days. It is equally best for normal, dry and oily skin.

USAGE : At, Night, Before sleeping wash your face with a Beauty soap/ face wash, and than dry the face. Then apply a thin layer of NOOR BEAUTY CREAM. One pack is for 21 days. Use regularly. You will find better resualt. It is suitable for both men and woman. NOOR BEAUTY CREAM equally Useful in every season and all method under the examination of exeperts, continue use of NOOR BEAUTY CREAM until you see required resualts. After getting desired resualts use twice and thrice a week, So that attraction  and fresness of your skin remains. If you feel any kind of irriatation then decrease the usage of Cream.