Vaseline moisturizer moistand frostless face student antifreeze dry cream

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  • Vaseline grease cream for SOS recovery, absorbs instantly. Despite its greasy texture, this cream is quickly absorbed without leaving marks on the skin. You will feel how your skin gains velvety elasticity.
  • This product is very suitable for the rapid healing of skin cracks caused by dehydration, not only on the face, but also on the whole body.
  • The Vaseline cream formula with saturated active ingredients can work quickly and effectively.
  • The product does not contain mineral oil and does not cause ac-ne, so it can be used even on sensitive skin and dark spots.
  • It is rich in natural healing ingredients-aloe vera, centella asiatica, fruit avocado extract, and proven beauty ingredients-hyaluronic acid, petrolatum, honey, honey, honey. The composition is suitable for any skin.
  • Universality and all seasons. Spring and summer help you fight water loss. In autumn and winter, keep warm everywhere to prevent cell dehydration and maintain.