A Bonne Hydration Silky Salt Scrub 350g

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A Bonne Super Hydrating Silky Salt Scrub Watermelon & Vitamin E is the perfume salt scrub Super Watermelon and Vitamin E formula to mote skin to be aura, hydrated, and lively. It functions in exfoliating and nourishing skin within one, providing clear, healthy-looking, and smooth and soft-touching skin. Organic Watermelon Extract is chemical-free, making skin moisturized, hydrated, and lively. Also, Vitamin E helps promote antioxidants, adjusts skin, and slows down skin aging. In addition, Glutathione promotes skin to be naturally radiant.


  • Helps exfoliate skin cells and nourishes skin within one
  • Provides clear, healthy-looking, and smooth and soft-touching skin
  • Provides perfume salt scrub to prevent body odor
  • Provides long lasting fragrance
  • Provides small rounded fine salt like a massage scrub
  • Free from parabens and alcohol

Directions: Pour the salt scrub onto the palm, gently scrub in circular motions over wet skin, leave it for 3 minutes, then rinse with clean water. You will feel of smooth, soft, and bright skin.