Tugain 10 Foam, 60gm

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Benefits Of Tugain 10 Foam :

  • Stimulates hair growth in persons with early and moderate stages of androgenic alopecia
  • Stimulates hair follicles
  • Improvement in local micro-circulation through its vasodilatory effect
  • It is used for male pattern baldness

Directions For Use :

  • Before applying Tugain Foam, Clean & Dry your hair and scalp
  • Take required amount of Tugain Foam on your finger tip
  • Within the hair thinning area, part the hair and gently massage the foam into the scalp
  • For better result, allow it to stay on the scalp for at-least 4 hours before washing if off
  • The night-time application should be done 2 to 4 hours before going to bed to allow the medication to dry out
  • A hair dryer should not be used to speed up the drying of the foam as it may decrease the effectiveness
  • For better result, use twice daily for 4 months