Constanta Collagen Plus Q10 With Vitamin A-C-E 30ml

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Constanta Collagen Plus Q10 With Vitamin A-C-E

The combination of high quality Micro Collagen plus Q10, Vitamin A,C and E help dramatically revitalize the skin.

• Specially contains Dansonyl LS 9168, extracted from tree of life, significantly provides immediate tightening and 72 hours moisturizing effects to the skin.
• Micro Collagen gives more effective moisturization and nourishment to the skin.
• Helps soften, smoothen and revitalize the skin.
• Improves firmness and reveal naturally glowing skin.
• Clinical study shows the treatment results that it significantly improved the tension and skin tone.
• Skin is brighter, clearer, regains its firmness, softness and smoothness.

How to use:

Apply CONSTANTA Collagen Plus Q10 Gel thoroughly onto face and neck.
For best result, use in conjunction with other CONSTANTA products to keep your skin naturally soft and healthy smooth.