Gold Insam Korean Ginseng Health Relax Pad

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  • Contains Korean Ginseng extracts.
  • Convenient health pad that can be closely attached to joints with discomfort.
  • Easy to use anywhere before and after exercise like climbing, fishing, golf, etc.
  • Increase blood circulation, Deep detoxification.
  • Relief rheumatoid arthritis, Reduce muscle soreness.
  • Enhance the regeneration and oxygenation of blood. 

The Gargle Sterilization 99% Oral Care Ginseng Mouthwash (Freshens breath) 250ml

  • The gargle is an oral care product composed of oriental ginseng extracts showing outstanding prevention effects on tooth decay.

  • Freshens breath – Mouthwash kills bacteria associated with causing bad breath leaving you with minty fresh breath.
    • Prevents Plaque build-up – Various mouthwashes help prevent plaque build up on your gums, in-between teeth, and on the surface of your teeth in between brushing. 

    • Removes particles – Most people use mouthwash only after brushing. While this is a good practice, mouthwash can also be used before brushing to rinse out any loose particles in your mouth making your brushing and flossing more effective.

    • Stop cavities from forming – With regular use of mouthwash before and after you brush and floss, you can reduce the chances of cavities forming. Mouthwashes that contain fluoride can prevent cavities and strengthen your enamel.