Revuele Hot Honey Body Wrap, 300 ml

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Revuele Hot Honey Body Wrap

Revuele Hot Honey Body Wrap is a product from Revuele, a trusted name in the cosmetic and health industry. First of all, their products are certified. Hence, these are safe and 100% genuine.

  • This honey wrap treatment is aimed at fighting edematous cellulite and overweight.
  • It tones and strengthens vessel walls, reduces the symptoms of varicose veins, eliminates the “orange peel” effect, increases skin tightness and elasticity and reduces body size.
  • During the treatment excess moisture flows out of the tissues, excess fluid is removed and metabolism is normalised.
How to use:
  1. Apply a generous amount of the product and spread evenly all over your body.
  2. We recommend that you wrap your body in the stretch wrap for 20-30 minutes to enhance the effect.
  3. A sensation of prickling, warmth and slight reddening of the skin is a normal reaction to the powerful ingredients of the product and proves its instant action.
  4. Rinse off the rest of the product with warm water after application.
  5. We recommend that you perform wrap treatments 2-3 times per week during 1.5 months to maintain the effect.